Why "Renewable Living"

It may seem odd to have pages about renewable energy and rural living as part of a site dedicated to the subtleties of human perception and personal space, but I find there are many valuable connections. Perhaps the most important is that it would have been much more difficult for me to notice and become familiar with the phenomena I've described in the site, had I not left the city. Even living in this remote haven at the edge of "Northwest Nowhere", I find it takes at least two days of being constantly at home before the effects of a trip to town wear off and I am truly "present" here.

As you may already have read, one of my main vulnerabilities is to the flickering of conventional artificial lights. While I actually had gone to the trouble of converting the majority of the lights in my last city house to run on filtered direct current, it was an odd exercise even by my standards, and it actually increased my power consumption significantly. In my present off-grid home, there is an obvious reason for DC lighting, and direct DC is the most efficient form in which to use solar power.

Being able to see the night sky is another precious gift of living on the remote edge of civilization. Even just a few miles from here, the stars that have been seen by humans for centuries are nearly invisible due to the continuous all-night outdoor lighting that people with grid power become addicted to. The surest way to prevent light pollution, at least in your own little neighborhood, is to move out beyond the power grid!

And... These pages needed a new home.

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Revised 9 April 2003