What's New

What's New is organized like a software revision list. Each time a page of this site changes, or a new page or feature is added, a dated notation will be added at the top of the following list.

2010, January 10 - Added "Recycle Bin" page with the beginning of a list of mostly free stuff that needs a new home.

2007, June 26 - Added Psychoros Blog as a dual-purpose (text/frames) page for occasional "snapshots" of my current thoughts.
Linked "Consumed by the Light" page for public viewing.

2003, April 9 - Adopted "&#82nn" escapes in place of "&xxquo" escapes for curly quotes, after all early visitors reported classic Netscape couldn't cope. Text-friendly and dual-purpose pages now use straight ASCII quotes as a fallback solution. Also removed all specific font size controls, to allow viewers to set their own browser preferences. Added Tech notes about these choices.
Moved the definitions of psychoros and koinonos to a sidebar near the end of Introduction, and fixed their links to use the Links page.

2003, March 13 - Fixed wrong filename in Water Treatment link from Text Directory.

2003, March 7 - Removed unnecessary tags from table def in Concept/T and Introduction/T.

2003, February 22 - Site Technical Notes page added, where design choices are explained/excused. JS popup scheme for internal links to anchors adopted. Text, no-frames versions of existing pages created. Dual-purpose files now have links to both Frames and Text TOC at the end.

2003, February 18 - Fixed a wrong page name for the Links link in the TOC. Updated remaining external links in the Introduction and Concept pages to use the Links page. Added new sections at the end of Concept, edited it a bit.

2003, February 14 - The site is still a bare shell, but I think enough of it is outlined to allow it to function in the real world. I'm going to make a wild leap and post it to the server!

2003, January 30, 31 - What's New? Everything!

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