Michael’s Chakra Lecture

Presented by Michael Symonds in 1976

Transcribed from audio tapes by Jade Schefer

Edited by Loren Amelang

Copyright 2016 Loren Amelang

Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Chakras are spiritual energy centers located in the physical body. Michael Symonds used these centers to do psychic readings. He taught his students about these energy centers from his own abilities and experience. The following transcript is from his Chakra lecture:

First Chakra

First of all does everybody know what chakras are? We talked about it enough so everybody knows. The First Chakra is at the base of the spine. The first ability… I usually divide this down to psychic, psychological, and spiritual categories.

The Psychic Level

The psychic level of this is kundalini but it’s also the spiritual level. Kundalini is the force in enlightenment experiences where you end up with the picture of Buddha with a big brown thing around his head, it’s what produces halos. It produces fountains out of the head, etc. It’s an energy that happens once a certain level of consciousness has been achieved. Suddenly this energy comes up. But it has always been in great debate in Yogi circles and Buddha circles as to what causes what. Is it consciousness that causes kundalini to come up or is it kundalini that causes consciousness to come up?

Kundalini has two functions. The first is the more immediate one and that is, that it helps your body to survive when your body is not getting physical energy. When you are not eating, when you are on an extended fast, there’s like several days when you are tired and then suddenly there is a whoosh and there is a lot of energy. What happens is that you are not receiving nutrition from outside in physical form so kundalini takes over and begins to supply your body with the minimum amount of energy to keep your energy up to keep you alive. But it is not inexhaustible and after awhile it will stop and death is usually the result.

Kundalini is also the force that accounts for certain miraculous happenings where… A friend of mine used to collect these newspaper articles of mothers that suddenly lifted cars to free their trapped children, people who can form huge shifts in physical power are people in whom kundalini has suddenly happened and it happens almost consistently as a response to our survival needs.

The second function of kundalini is different. Here is where it is attached to the spiritual stuff but not really spiritual stuff. Kundalini is the energy… We generally, as a species, have evolved to the place that we are, and we are all uniformly pretty much the same as far as that evolution, our hands evolved at about the right rate given where our culture is at, our feet did, our skeletal system and muscles did. What we have now is completely appropriate to our level of civilization. What hasn’t developed is our nervous system. It is the only thing that has lagged behind. That is why we have therapists. It’s why we have therapies in general, because our nervous system is the same nervous system that we had 20,000 to 40,000 years ago.

That is when we had to respond to sudden and very immediate survival needs, like wild animals. Anxiety attacks are a real good example; anxiety itself is a real good example. Basically, it’s outmoded. It has not fitted itself yet to what the current circumstances are of people. We have knowledge; all cultures now have knowledge of how to deal with wild animals. We have knowledge of making fire, of creating shelters. But our nervous system is based on a time when we didn’t have that knowledge and we are living in a continual state of alertness, ready to get trounced on either by some wild beast or ready to get caught out in the rain with no shelter around. What the response of the nervous system is, is to make us run, to make us run or to make us fight and this is the fight or flight reaction. It is too long to go into, the point I am making though is that it is archaic material from the past. It isn’t applicable anymore.

The reason I say it is good that we have therapies, is that we have a problem, and that is we cannot really adjust our nervous systems to present time. So that when for example… Well, Dorothy as she was landing at the airport, there was a good hard bump at the airport, she immediately went into survival. That immediate survival isn’t necessary because that response isn’t appropriate. There is nothing that she can do in that event. Her health is okay. Her nervous system does it anyway. So what happens in an event like this, say that it happened to a child, a very young child, that child then develops, a little set around being dropped or being bumped suddenly and develops a whole set of behavior around either flying or around being lifted off the ground. So that essentially it is a natural process for us to develop traumas, and it is a natural process for us to develop neurosis, it springs from a nervous system that once it has learned how to get away from a bear, it then encodes that information, and then responds each time the same way, that is, each time you see a bear, the second time you respond the same way because your body now knows what to do because of the first time. Now your body goes into survival and it runs away; it runs up a tree, or it attacks the bear.

The point of this though is that we have a need of that, and what things we run into in childhood are things we rarely run into when we are adults. That is if you were severely scared by this, that or the other thing in childhood, it’s real unlikely that you are going to be scared of it or that helpless in the face of it as an adult, an adult should have your head, that you can think with, but then again with our current nervous system we cannot get past it. Kundalini’s function is to evolve the nervous system. It is real simple what we think of as being enlightenment, what we think of as being the satori experience or sainthood is in part, and I don’t want to downgrade the state because it is a real valid thing, but in part it is nothing more than the evolution of the nervous system into present time, out of the past, out of a place of continual anxiety and into a real operating and a real functioning.

When people who have enlightenment experience talk about the kind of physiological changes they experience, and there are quite a few of them, they talk about a nervous system that has gone about a radical change, for that reason people who have been enlightened have always been seen, by people who are not enlightened, as being as different from regular folk as monkeys are different from us. That is they are that much higher than we are above monkeys.

Kundalini operates daily, there is a thin thread always going up, feeding the channels in the body. By channels I mean, I think I mean, acupuncture channels, or meridians, so that energy is always rumbling around the body but in a very small amount. In some cases either because of incorrect meditation or because of accident, the kundalini can suddenly get freed without the consciousness being ready for it and when that happens it can be interpreted one of two ways, either what happens then is a complete psychotic break because the consciousness cannot withstand the kind of changes the nervous system is going through. And you have to remember here what I am talking about is the unified being that is your consciousness is real dependent on what is happening with your nervous system. If your nervous system changes rapidly you might start smelling purple in which case there is no analog in you head for dealing with that, so you either go crazy or you can have an incredible number of symptoms.

I’ve known an incredible number of people who have had this experience and gone through this. One man lived next to a movie theater with an alley in between. Not only could he tell when the movie was playing but he could also hear the words going on in the movie theater. Movie theaters are often muffled due to the large speakers going on, he could hear and duplicate the rate at which the electricity was going thru his walls, through the circuits in the walls, he could pick up telepathically on people much more than any of you will ever be able to unless you have that happen to you. He saw physical reality and the astral both with his physical eyes, all the time, so that he never could tell when he was walking down the street and saw these people approaching him, whether they were approaching him physically or whether they were just on the astral. Well that is the thing thought, because he also saw auras all the time, and they were just shining lights, so it was a problem for him. This is one of the symptoms incidentally of kundalini. It can produce hyperesthesia (touch), hypersensitivity, and diet changes, very strange diet changes, usually what happens is the person either stops eating and then finds that they cannot eat but one food at a time.

This particular gentleman went for about six or seven weeks on just tuna fish, then it suddenly switched and he started vomiting, so he had to experiment until he found another food he could eat, which happened to be mushrooms for six or seven weeks and then shifted off to celery and repeated the same process over and over again. I think what is happening at this point is the nervous system has been speeded up and needs certain nutrients for its growth and therefore eliminates through the process of vomiting any food that is coming in except for the one that is going to produce that nutrient. Those people can be dealt with and they can be handled, but it takes a lot of hard work because they have completely blown out of the framework that we normally associate as being reality but they are not crazy.

This man ultimately got shot. Sadly he didn’t lose all his carnal interests and he was at the home of a woman who had a boyfriend. The boyfriend wandered in at the inappropriate moment and shot him. Being shot put him in a state of shock for a couple of days. He lost a lot of blood and when he came to in the hospital he didn’t have his wits about him and started talking about what was happening so they shipped him off to Napa. While he was there they gave him electro-shock treatment. I think it was a series of twenty. And that forced the kundalini back down. It can be reversed. The effect that it had on him was real clear. His aura turned gray and you couldn’t get to him anymore. That is one could no longer make contact with him psychically anymore. He couldn’t be psychic after this incident. He had none of the sensitivities any longer. The problem was that he was a painter and he could no longer paint. He was just starting to integrate the changes when this happened. I think if he’d had the time to integrate these changes he would have been an incredible painter, but then the whole process was reversed.

I believe that everyone that is opening up goes through certain dietary changes until they finally get straightened out again.

The Psychological Level

The Psychological Level of this is ego survival, it’s real plain, right? It is whether or not the ego is strong enough to survive, whether or not it is strong enough to make the adjustments that are necessary on a day-to-day level. To stay together, to present a cohesive front for experiencing things. Ego survival is basically based on the same thing that survival of the whole being is based on and that is definition, self-definition. I am alive, not because I look both ways before I cross the street, although that is important. I am alive because I like this, I like that, I think this, and I think that. I have a number of things around me that reinforce the fact that I exist. Without those reinforcers one does not exist. And without having a sense of being, being in existence, or being here one’s ego survival disappears.

The whole point of Buddhism is to get rid of every one of the definitions that you have of yourself until you realize that you are not, that you on an ego level do not exist. That is the point that enlightenment sets in, hopefully. Old people as well die much more rapidly when they cut themselves off from other people, because they lose their sense of definition, that is, I am a certain person because of my interactions. I am a certain person because I like certain things to eat. I like certain ways of being touched. If I deprive myself of the things I like to eat because of low income and then further cut myself off from my friends, I begin to get more and more unreal, there is less and less of me that is being defined. There is less and less certainty being defined as it were. What there is, is more and more illnesses, that is the body’s way of defining itself on that end.

The Spiritual Level

The Spiritual Level of this is... I want to make this very clear. I do not support the idea of spiritual schizophrenia, there is no such thing as an entity as separate from the body, but if when you look at the organism, when you look at the first chakra, that is where the rest of the organism attaches to the physical manifestation of a body, so you can call this the connection to the body by the entity. Again this sounds schizophrenic. What you do with that information is again real clear, that is, if it doesn’t look to you as if the body is really connected to the rest of the organism. The degree to which the rest of the body is not connected to the organism is the degree to which the body is in danger of dying.

The way you can tell if somebody is about to die is by two characteristics. One, the aura immediately next to the body turns dark, and that is a real tip-off. Thesecond one, if you’re not quite sure, is to look at the first chakra and if there is no real connection there, if there is not that cord there, (and that is what the Bible talks about, when it talks about the golden cord) that goes to the first chakra, that keeps the body alive, if the cord is not there, you know the body is going to die fairly soon. It means basically, the being, the rest of the organism, has begun to dis-involve itself physically and it is going to begin to leave the physical body behind to fend for itself, which means it will die, which obviously means survival of the organism. That is a physical manifesting.

Well bodies are quite capable of surviving on their own, and if their needs are taken care of, in which they are fed, and if they are left alone. If however, they are neglected just a little bit, if their needs are not met, they will die. Generally, however, most people in comas are not gone, the majority of people in comas have withdrawn and are in the middle of their head or stomach and have completely withdrawn from reality. It’s a form of catatonia for my money, it is a way of copping out, granted it may come as the result of a shock or as the result of an accident, but in that moment of the accident the being makes the decision not to have anything more to do with physical reality. It still wants the sensations of the body, but doesn’t want the responsibility.

Yes, you can talk someone out of a coma. I have never talked anyone out of a coma. I have made them very uncomfortable though. I knew someone who took animal tranquilizers to commit suicide. She destroyed enough of her brain but there was still enough of her there to function. But she wouldn’t, she just lay there. There was enough functioning there so she could have fed herself, though there would not have been much personality there, and she wouldn’t do anything. So what I did was I went out on the astral and grabbed a sweet nice little spook that was fairly obliging and stuck it in her body and sealed all the chakras so that neither one of them could get out and produced the heaviest results. It was like immediately, Marilee, that was the woman’s name began sitting up and started looking around and there was still no personality. But she began moving around, that was about all she would be able to do.

[Question] “So, were there two people in there?”

Yes, there were two people in there. Since she was withdrawn, she would not make contact with the spook. She was aware there is someone in there, but she would just think it was her imagination since there is no one here. There is no one here! I keep feeling mosquitoes!

[Question] “Are you saying that this woman doesn’t have a right to withdraw?”..

I’m saying that I took responsibility for trying to prevent her from withdrawing. She can withdraw in fact, and she could nullify the whole process. Because it is ultimately her body, so she could withdraw or cease withdrawing, open up one of the chakras just a little bit, because she has control over the whole process, but because she is withdrawing, she is withdrawing control as well. She could open up one of the chakras, kick the being out and then withdraw again, but the point is that she simply found that she wouldn’t do that. Yes there is karma in it for me, but I feel good about it because she was a friend of mine. I took the spook out after a month, and she still thinks it is in there, that what keeps her going.

Second Chakra

The Psychic Level

Clairsentience. This psychic ability is feeling the emotions of another person as if they were your own (also known as being an empath or having empathic ability). Clairsentience is an old ability, it’s probably one of our first abilities beyond telepathy because it deals with the feeling of an emotion of another person, at its base a group activity. It is what holds people together and forms tribes, forms family groups as well.

The Psychological Level

The psychological level of this is, the ability to validate other people, the ability to stroke. Validation… To validate somebody means to acknowledge that they exist, that they are real, that they have a past, that they have thoughts of their own. We all know what it feels like to be validated because every now and then it happens to us. Just “Hello. How are you?” And it is like this incredible feeling. The person is completely there and they are saying completely, “Hello!” to you completely, doesn’t happen very frequently however. Most people are accountants. They’re not going to validate somebody else if the person is not going to validate them first. Most people also won’t validate other people because they can’t validate themselves. They won’t give themselves validation for having their own thoughts. Nor are they sure they are really there. (As in sleep walking through life.)

Stroking is the ability to create sustained attention of another person, on another person, that has the effect of making them feel real. Now that’s technical. What actually happens, positive strokes are: “Hello!” “I like you.” Negative strokes are: “Get out of here!” “I don’t like you.” “I hate you.” In either event I’m paying attention to Trudy. As long as I pay attention to her it produces the reality for her, that is, she gets the sense she must be real because somebody outside of her is acknowledging that somebody is there. Strokes are real important, without them we die...

During World War II orphans who were not touched died. They were fed but not really held and the mortality rate was quite high. When nobody pays attention to them it affects their nervous system. The first symptom is skin, and real skin disorders such as boils and things like that. Then it affects the nervous system where they start shaking and can’t control things. Ultimately it affects the spine and what happens is children deprived of touch in orphanages or hospitals where there is not enough attention paid to them, the spinal column has curled a little bit and shrunken a little bit as well.

That’s why Berne always said, Erick Berne, “If you don’t get strokes you spine will shrivel.” It is true. People who don’t get strokes from other people, and it really is necessary that it be from other people because we can stroke ourselves but we can’t ultimately be the source of all of our strokes, simply because we need occasionally a person from the outside to acknowledge that we exist in one form or another. If we don’t get it as adults, we create situations where we will get it. The one we usually do is to revert to childhood and become sick and becoming sick creates attention because it draws people to you. But again if you don’t get taken care of by someone what happens to you then?..

To clarify, remember the first chakra is ego survival and it is dependent upon being stroked. What the second chakra relates to is the ability to stroke other people. The first chakra has nothing to do with anybody else. It just has to do with you and your survival; while the second chakra is the beginning of a hand coming up and stroking or touching. That’s all, that’s what sex is about in the large part. It’s the child’s or the infants first act of going out and feeling the fact that someone else is out there. Obviously the ability to stroke includes sex. Here it is the ability to stroke other people sexually. The ability to have strokes is in the fourth chakra.

The Spiritual Level

When someone asks you what their karmic pattern is, what you need to do is look at the second chakra, at the spiritual level of the second chakra. What it shows you is whether or not somebody’s growth is dependent upon somebody else setting it off or whether they can set it off themselves. Whether they are self-starters or whether they are dependent on somebody else catalyzing them. That’s the indication for their particular pattern. So for instance say Dorothy had done me in, in a previous life in Italy. She has thrown me in this lake. I’m drowning and she is refusing to save me even though she knows I can’t swim. I can respond to this in a number of ways. I can say, “God, that really is stupid. I let her throw me in.” Or I can say, “I’m going to get that being, I’m going to get Dorothy Fischer.” And the next time she shows up in a body I’m going to get her. Or, if for example she was my brother I can say, “That fucking brother of mine,” and call him by his social role rather than by the name I identify him in terms of social roles.

Now we come to the next life. If I had said, “God, that was stupid of me”, that is a kind of karma that I would work out by myself. It might come out in terms of a phobia around water, it might come out in a fear of drowning or a fear of seeing someone else drown but it would be something that involved me and it wouldn’t be something that involved other people. If, on the other hand I said “Dorothy Fischer”, I must wait for her to be in a body at the same time that I am in a body, for the karma to catch up. It is dependent on that being and my being meeting up to have a showdown, that’s growth catalyzed by someone else.

The third one is if I said “My brother” I’ll have that karma in the next life as long as I have a brother. If I’m born into a family and I have all sisters it will have no reaction, next body, however, I have one brother that will be the one I have karma with because I have assigned it to the familial role of brother. So the brother gets done in and the karma keeps going. That is why in Buddhism, in Hinduism, and even in Christianity the emphasis is on “take responsibility for yourself, you did it.” Now, she may have pushed me in, but, I was dumb, I turned my back and you don’t turn your back on a fight, especially when you’re near a lake and you don’t know how to swim.

Buddha in fact said that if you take responsibility for that, if you can realize that you’re the one who is doing the whole thing and that there is no karma per se because it is something that you can take care of then in that life or in the process of that death. It is only when you assign it outside and say it is somebody else, they did it, she did it, it did it, you must come back then and deal with it, cause what happens then is in that process of dying, I am filled with an adrenaline rush, I am filled with anger, I am filled with fear, I am filled with a whole bunch of stuff and I have fastened it on a being, a brother or myself. So the last imprint as I go out is a real potent one, and the potent one says I’m going to get whoever. When you find yourself out on the astral that is the one that is going to “rumm, rumm, rummm”. The reality is kind of like a pinball machine, you “rumm” around until you find yourself dropping into a slot, back in a body again, and there is the karma. It is as simple as that.

[Question] (Can you work you way out of this karma during your life?)

Yes, you can go backward. That’s why therapy is really valuable. What you go through in Gestalt is the same thing that you go through if you were meditating. It’s the same thing that Buddah went through. It’s going thru that process of realizing that in fact it wasn’t his Daddy, you know, that it was him, he has to take responsibility for his part, his father has to take responsibility for his part. You know… And that there’s no blame there.

[Question] (Is death fixed or could the man by the lake have turned and fought? Did he just give up?)

It’s not a matter of giving up. In that case, all people’s deaths are fixed, they fix them themselves, the fix them because of karma, because of family script and there are a variety of pluses that go into it and its fixed pretty much by the age of two, maybe even earlier. My own feeling is that it is fixed by birth, in that instance you wouldn’t think of turning back and fighting it wouldn’t occur to you. You might spend your whole life fighting but that instant, if that is the one you chose for death, that is the instant you would remember that you had left your boat untied by the dock and you have to go and tie it up just giving her enough time to sneak up and kick you over the side of the dock.

[Question] (What happens in wars?)

Same thing, that is the moment where the hand that was very reliable suddenly is not reliable just that once. I think I need to make a point here. By saying that this death is fixed, I don’t meant to say that people who get killed as either a result of oppression or racism aren’t victims because they are. The point is that each person’s death comes at the appropriate time in their life. If they are murdered as a part of a group it is still incumbent on you or anybody to condemn the killing of a group or even an individual, whether it was that persons time or not, because it still leaves the question of is it okay to murder somebody. And that is the whole thing, right now we have our priorities really fucked, we tend to think of the poor victim. The victim has nothing to do with that process, what we are really objecting to is the murderer. The murderer, the proclivity to murder, and that has to be addressed. You let the dead take care of the dead and you deal with whoever caused the death. So that is basically how karma works out, when you look at it, it is really simple to see, you get a sense of whether the person is getting turned on by somebody else or is turning themselves on. Generally if you see, you’ll see the general pattern first. Most people choose one pattern or the other.

My own experience is that you won’t find very many people that will turn themselves on. You will find a lot of people that will let other people turn them on. The family structure in this society as well in most societies doesn’t encourage people to be self-motivators. So, you can figure that’s been real true in the past as well, since we haven’t seemed to progress very much. Not having been self motivated in the past one doesn’t seem to be self motivated in the future either, if one carries those karmas, unless there has been the sudden realization that “it’s all me”. Which is a kind of miraculous intervention, which happens in everybody’s life at least once.

Any Questions?

Even if you forget it, it still happens! You always get a bunch of reality at once. Everybody gets introduced to a path, a way out, a way of becoming sane, a way of dealing with themselves once. And the thing is to catch it and do it and not hem and haw about it.

Third Chakra

The Psychic Level

This chakra is energy distribution. Used to be called will power, but that has a bad connotation, so I renamed it energy distribution. It’s simply the capacity of the secondary body to direct energy in a narrow beam or a broad beam to accomplish things. Again it’s the capacity for the secondary body to focus its energies, also the physical body. Certainly, the third chakra, the stomach is also where we tend to focus our energy. When you do anything physical, when you lift an object, when you turn your head there is always a slight movement of the abdominal muscles in the entire body. So, in acts of will, in terms of mocking things up, like the gentlemen who won’t leave you alone, mocking up jobs or employers that will pay you money (manifesting), or construction of a housing thing, it involves the third chakra, because basically you need to be able to get your energy together on it, and to focus it.

Most people naturally are focused, if they are without trauma. I guess I should say sane people are naturally focused. Most of us are not, that’s because we are not same, we’re neurotic. We have our energy hung up here, we have our energy hung up there, as long as your energy is hung up in various and sundry traumas you can’t pull it out and use it. That really is the reason why people seem to do so well when they have finished their traumas. The fact that they seem to do so well, its not really the fact that they have gotten out of traumas because they could have done that, it’s the fact that they have pulled their energy out of it and now they have all the energy to deal with new stuff. They still have the trauma, its no longer real, that is it is no longer there for them, it’s in their consciousness but it’s not something that occupies them.

Then in the third as well there is the ability to leave your body and the ability to have memory as well. Now the reason why this is where you leave, (you don’t actually leave by the third and there’s not actually an ability called “out of body”) is that you can turn it off. What it is, is that you have a… In order for you to leave, the energy has got to be running through your body, that is you can’t suddenly whip out of your body and leave your body with no energy, or without its energy needs being met.

The reason why some people have trouble getting out of their body is that their energy is fucked-up. And when they try to leave they whip the energy out, or try to whip the energy out, and the third chakra is there to control you. It is a little survival mechanism, it guarantees you can’t get out unless your energy is alright. On the other hand, out of body memory, again its not because the memory is there per se, but because you have to be able to control your energy though you’re out of your body, your drifting around San Francisco, doing what Donna Fleagle does, your drifting around Treasure Island, wandering through the shower rooms, which she used to do a lot, meanwhile the body is back there in trance, right?

So what you have to do in order to communicate with it there is this cord, right? That goes right to the third chakra that controls the energy, it also controls continuity of consciousness, that is as long as you have the length between the two bodies as it were, you have a continuity where you’re awake, and you start falling asleep, but you’re still awake, and you’re asleep and you’re still awake and now you’re not in the body. It is a real simple process actually, but most people find it real hard to do. So this is more like an indication of being able to remember.

The Psychological Level

There are two, one of them is technical, it is the rate of ego-state cathexis, which if you’re not into transpersonal analysis it doesn’t mean shit to you. Basically what it is, is that we have a number of ego states in us, we have the kid, we have the adult in us, we have the parent in us. And that makes it real simplified, only it turns out there is a lot more in us than just those. Anyway we can be a number of people. In order to be those people, however, we have to shift the energy, that is, if I am being in a kid state, and maybe reading a book and really enjoying it, suddenly I remember that I have to go to the store and get a bunch of stuff and that means I have to write a list, I have to shift from identifying myself as a child, and now have to identify myself as an adult capable of writing a list.

What is important about being able to see if someone else can shift the energy is that sometimes people have particular ways of behaving which look neurotic or psychotic which are not, which are neither but are confused for it. Somebody who can’t shift the energy out of their child and stays in the child all the time is called psychotic. Psychotic means someone who can’t take responsibility and can’t do moral functions as well. Moral functioning or judgment making is a parental function, responsibility and decision making is an adult function, our society is based on being able to do those things as well as being able to have fun, so they are called schizophrenics or psychotics in general. Maybe, however, that they are not in fact psychotic but simply that they cannot move the energy.

There is a really neat experiment that was done, which was they took a bunch of people at Napa State Hospital and they gave them a test, regular Minnesota Multiphasic test, they gave it to them and they came out crazy as a loon and then they gave them the test again and told them to “pretend that you are normal”. “Pretend that you are a normal person taking this test”, and some of them came out normal. Some of them came out normal and some of them didn’t. My own feeling is that those that came out normal were not psychotic. They were probably severely neurotic and were trapped in a kid place, and if you could appeal to the child in them to pretend that they were adults, that they could move the energy then. But for some reason they can’t move it if they think they are actually going to be adults.

So there is something traumatic about being an adult and there is something traumatic about being parental. Very simple, so it is more like this is being a diagnostic tool than anything else. Also on a psychological level there is the number of wins. What I mean here, out of every 100 opportunities that come to you to emerge a winner in certain situations, you have a number of times that you think you will win, the rest of the time you think you won’t. It comes from the fact that your momma has a certain idea of how much she can have, and your daddy has a certain amount of ideas of how many times he can have stuff, you as a child combine the two, divide by two and that what you get.

It is real simple, this is havingness, basic havingness. One does not win simply because one does not expect to. And the only way to start winning is to be introspective. Simple! This is what you want to look at if your dealing with someone who seems to be losing all the time. It gives you a good indication of whether in fact they are losers or whether they simply have gotten the low level of havingness from their parents and have never raised themselves above it.

The Spiritual Level

There is one more level on the third, Spiritual. I mention this level on the third; I don’t want you messing with it right now. Here we are talking about the size and mass of the organism. There are some problems you can run into as a being if as a total organism, you have too great a size, or too great a mass. Let me approach it from another place you’re all familiar with the idea of soul-mates, their is somebody out there who is your soul-mate. There is someone out there, so much like you, and yet so different and you belong together and it is a real old idea in western occultism, it only exists in western occultism incidentally, it does not exist in others, other cultures have gotten into other explanations if it.

Everything grows and when it reaches a certain weight, and mass, and size it divides. We see this in cell growth. We see it in plant growth, when plants reach a certain place they divide. You can do a root division on them and they will survive. Or a plant will reach a certain size and a deer will come along and knock off a branch and the branch will root, because the plant has reached a certain size so that the branch can root. Similarly we have a metaphor for that, among people, among physical beings becoming potent and fertile, that is they produce children, which is our way of dividing. That is the social level of dividing.

The explanation of soul-mates, of having somebody who is your destined lover, is because we as reincarnating beings acquire size and mass every time we manifest ourselves physically, that is take on a body, and at each time we die we have grown a little bit. When we are too big to take on a body, and it is true we do get too big to take on a body, we divide, its real simple. We postulate two-ness. How many of you have read the Seth books? That talks about it a little, he talks about people, he talks about their being originally one entity, and that, that one entity, postulates two entities, and then the two entities postulate four, sixteen, etc. That is how people get soul mates is that they have a sense of what it feels like to be whole, they have a sense of what, a very distant memory of what it was like to have themselves, and what it was like prior to having split, split apart.

I’m not meaning to imply that everyone is one being, what I am saying is that the origin is in one being. The origin starts with one being, who for want of any other words we’ll call God. And all religions talk about that God being one being and then creating and they always talk about it being out of himself a female half and then they produce children, who produce children, who produce children and they finally become people. The point is, however, and Seth even makes this point, and I think I agree with him a great deal – once you have individuated yourself and produced that split, that split is permanent, in the sense of they’re now two separate beings, and those two beings now begin to take separate life paths, so that if you were to meet yourself, which you do every time you meet someone else, given the common parenthood of God, they’re always different because they have had different kinds of lives, they are now resisting different kinds of things than you resist, they are addicted to different kinds of things than you are addicted to. They are individuals; the point is that you did not originally start out as individuals. You started out from a unitary whole and went out.

[Question] (Why would a being split instead of just not coming back into a body?)

Because if that being is still in resistance to things or is still addicted to things it is still slotted to come back. As long as you are in resistance, or addicted, something is still happening. Addicted to a sensation, most people are back because of orgasms, which are why the body has such a bad reputation, and its true, and it is a very addictive entertainment. As long as you are resisting something, you have to come back. It automatically drags you back. Think of it this way, think of yourself perpetually in heat, perpetually horny without being able to masturbate, without being able to get it on with anybody. The points is, and now try to imagine yourself without a body, with that addiction are you going to rise above all your motives, and you’re not going to come back? Knowing your self right now? The thing I notice about babies is that most of the time there is no one in there until the mother comes along with the breast and then “whomp!” “Contact!” “Milk!”..

[Question] (Concerning Don Juan and the strings of energy that connect the person to the whole rest of the world)

It’s the relationship of power and that is the whole teaching of Don Juan, is the impeccable warrior’s relationship to power and the way that he or she exercises power in the world. When Don Genaro manages to hop up into the tree and then hop back down again without climbing, it is because he has put himself in a power relationship with the tree, with in fact a point on the tree, and has focused all of his energy in that power relationship.

[Question] (Relationship of power and havingness to taking current-life responsibility)

Formerly one’s relationships of power were related to items of the past, so ones energy was past time oriented, still going into traumas that were happening ten or twenty years ago. Now the energy comes into present time, and is actually here and present in the physical world, where formerly it wasn’t. [So the success of a mockup doesn’t really have to do with how clearly you can see it in the sixth, but how together you are here in the third.] That’s right!

Fourth Chakra

The Psychic Level

It is a psychic ability that is separate from love. Affinity is your capacity to merge your space with another person’s space and to take on their attributes as yours. It is the capacity to become one with someone else. Anybody who has watched Star-Trek and has watched Mr. Spock and his Vulcan mind meld – that is affinity in its most controlled form and it is a psychic ability. And it really is quite simple to do, it is dangerous however, because you not only take on a person’s good qualities but you also take on a person’s bad qualities. That form is not very normal, most people don’t do that. Most people do it in terms of relationships. “The Madness of two!”

It is treated as a psychological condition where in fact it is psychic, where two people have merged their personalities together, and you cannot tell which personality belongs to who and what is the original material in one personality from another. It does not necessarily have to happen in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship with two people, it can happen in small groups, it can also happen among relatives and it is most notable among relatives, it isn’t as frequent among couples per se. In fact when it happens among couples it is usually though of as being very sweet and very nice unless the two are real neurotic, or the one is real neurotic and the other one becomes neurotic in sympathy. It is also a very good ability if one can merge with someone else periodically, maybe in the act of making love, in the act of meditating together, maybe in the act of just cooking, it’s real nice to be able to merge every now and then, but it’s real destructive for any psychic to do that as a life style. For one reason one’s psychism is not one’s own anymore, because one’s personality is not one’s own.

I can speak from bitter experience here, having done it; it is a very unpleasant thing where you begin to have the other person’s considerations in your head about how to be psychic. It’s very weird, and I have never experienced it before, but I had such a complete sense of being taken over and of taking over at the same time and that is where the addiction lies, there is a sense of power in having taken over the person, there is also a sense of power inherent in being passive and letting someone take over, so that unless the relationship gets very uncomfortable, most people who get into them never get out of them. And as long as people stay sane they are all right. The destruction comes when one of the persons goes crazy and the other person goes crazy as well.

The Psychological Level

The psychological level is stroke level. There are basically two kinds of strokes. Aside from positive and negative, which incidentally, the distinction between being beaten up and being made love to is very thin because in both events, though you have different reactions to it, you come out with the same conclusion, which is you are real and the person likes you, because they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t like you. The second group of two is the strokes that you want and the strokes that you need. The strokes that you need are the ones on a daily level that are minor in nature but they simply act as reinforcers that you exist, the ‘Hello’s, the ‘How are you’s, the ‘I like you’s! They can be frowns, they can be someone yelling at you, but just on the daily level of walking down the street having people acknowledge this. Those are necessary on a daily level to keep you at the minimum level of psychological health maintenance. As long as you get those you stay healthy psychologically.

Then there is the level of strokes that you want depending on what your personality is like. Someone who is normal is, “I like you!” “I love you!” Somebody who is masochistic is, “I don’t like you!” “I hate you!” But those are the strokes that you want. This is a real good indicator when you have someone that is depressed, because depression can come from a lot of causes, but one of the chief causes is when somebody is not getting their need level met. They get depressed first of all, or if someone talks about being in apathy a lot or feeling apathetic all of the time. It means they are getting their needs met, but they are not getting their wants at all. Just take a look at it first before you say it’s because something from your childhood is [inaudible]. And it shows up in the fourth chakra real clearly. The way you can work it is just to create a little visualization of graphs or two thermometers or whatever, at 98.6 would be the level that needs to be met to be okay. And anything below that is not so hot.

This is also self-concept. There is a lot of information in the fourth chakra about how a person thinks about themselves, how they think, how much value they place on their interactions, and on their, just their hanging out by themselves. Then there is a validation of self. The second chakra is validating others. Fourth is validating self. If you can validate yourself you can be validated. If you can accept strokes from someone else, you can stroke someone else, and so it is a continual balancing act between the second and fourth chakras. Second chakra is the selfish one; it’s the beginning of relationship but it’s relationship from the egocentric place. Fourth chakra is the beginning of relating from a peer place. Third chakra is obviously relating from power! A superior posture, third chakra is saying, “I’m here and I have my needs and you’re there and you have; your needs and we’re going to have to work out a way of both of us getting our stuff.”

The Spiritual Level

The spiritual level of this is whether or not you as a total being, as an organism, have a realistic view of yourself in terms of being embodied presently. Sometimes people take very poor care of the body and tend to regard it as a pile of shit, and there is no precedent in their childhood for doing that. Then look in the fourth chakra to see whether or not the rest of the organism isn’t maybe stuck on a past life, where it came to a conclusion on what it is like to be in a body and is no longer dealing with present time and maybe has not dealt with present times since that time, which may be six or seven lives back. That it continues to carry its impression about physical life, and therefore it influences its perception by that picture.

It may have been some Buddhist monk from Malaysia where they sit around in the graveyard meditating on rotting flesh, on feces, on pus, these are old Hinayana meditations, where they meditate on the fact that anything pleasurable out of the body is very minor in comparison to the horror of the body, it is a corrective meditation started originally for people who felt it was so pleasurable here and because they really hadn’t experienced pain or horror, and some people get stuck. Those meditations became a school and everybody who was a monk in that school did those meditations whether they needed them or not, ultimately some beings got stuck. They are stuck and the personality is also stuck and they always manage to see the horror of it. I’m not saying this is the only example, there are a lot of ways where somebody, where a person may be viewing being in a body in a fashion which is not consistent with reality. They may be viewing the body as very sensual, where it was appropriate for another life where they could afford to be sensual with a lot of perfumes, etc., but they keep trying to get it.

Fifth Chakra

The Psychic Level

Clairaudience The hearing of sounds which are not physical in origin, or the hearing of sounds which are physical in origin but a long distance away. You will hear it inside your ear.

Telepathy There are two forms of telepathy in the fifth chakra. There is broadband and there is narrowband. Broadband is groups, is generally group mind communication, a group of friends, at work, colleagues, etc. Narrowband is generally one-to-one or maybe one-to-two if you are in a menage, but it has to be a menage for it to work. Normally more than one person communicating at a time takes broadband.

Inner Voice The inside of the big apple is talking to the surface. It’s you talking to you. It’s also the best ability to cultivate. It’s also the hardest because it is so quiet. That’s what they are talking about when they talk about “the still small voice”! It really is still. It’s very small.

The Psychological Level

What the fifth chakra represents is creativity. So if you want to see where somebody is creative, even though it is going to show up in the hands, that is, most people when they read someone can get it off the hands or off the head, but it has it origins in the fifth chakra. The first act of creativity of a human being is the structuring of a sentence, and all acts come from that. It is the first material that you have command of – vocabulary precedes coordination. Putting together words into our “own” meaning is the first creative act. So generally it seems to be centered around the throat.

Also hearing what is said, and what is not said. Good place to look for people who have relationships in havoc, because a lot of relationships work purely from “not hearing what is said” or “hearing what is not said” or “not hearing what is not said”, and then projecting. Projection is the body’s trying to gain command of reality by creating reality. Making assumptions about certain expressions, body language of others. To avoid such reactions, become neutral, turn away from the persona and think about something neutral, such as baseball. If you have no feelings about it one way or the other (boring) then you can come to a neutral stance within yourself. This is to pull away from projecting something negative, a technique for stopping negative projection.

The Spiritual Level

Discrimination is the ability of you spiritually to distinguish between that which is true and that which is not true. Not between the truth and a lie, because there is no such thing as a lie, there is a bunch of variations on truth, some of which fit your reality and some of which don’t. If there is an Esoteric Truth out there, I have never seen anyone attain the big T, at least not in the sense of one absolute truth. There seems to be a big R reality but most people who get it don’t seem to get it head on. They get a variation of it. The variation seems to be what applies to you and what doesn’t and that is where the discrimination comes in. There is no absolute truth for the individual as long as they don’t cling to the idea of their being an absolute truth.

Sixth Chakra

The Psychic (and Psychological) Level

When you are a child, a newborn, and your eyes are open for the first time, and you begin to coordinate your eyes so that you can actually focus on things, when you look at a house, you don’t see a house. When you look at a tree, you don’t see a tree. House, tree, street, city, country, they’re concepts. The words denote a whole cultural context which we all agree to. But when an infant looks at those objects, that infant could not see that context, it simply sees the objects. Then daddy or mommy comes along, holds the kid in its arms, and says, “tree!” “Tree!” “Tree!” (There’s something deadly about “tree”...) Or about any word, because as soon as the child learn there is a word that denotes that experience, the experience of seeing that object lessens. Because now it has a thing to describe what it’s seeing. And therefore, because there’s only one word, perception is reduced to fit the concept and word “tree”.

Think about it this way – kids see in unity. Traveling in a car with two kids and we were going through Sonoma County and we were passing a lot of farms, and cows and horses and chickens and sheep and pigs and things like that, and the smallest one hadn’t really got his language remembered yet, and he kept saying, “Dog!” to everything, because he hadn’t learned what ‘dog’ meant yet, but he had learned that there was a word denoting all the objects that stood around on four feet. (I guess that rules out chickens…) But the point I’m trying to make is that there is a perception that children have, and in this case this child had a perception of all of those animals as being in, constituting a group – which in fact they don’t, for us. And we have a different emotional reaction to each one of them. What he loses as he grows older is that unified vision. [Replaced by] a fragmented vision, that everything is very separate and has social conceptions connected to it.

The reason why I mention this in the sixth chakra is that people will sometimes come to you and be talking about things in a way that leads you to think that they’re crazy. It may be that they’re crazy, and in fact the majority of people come that appear crazy are crazy. But some of them aren’t. Some of them either didn’t learn or are unlearning the social concept of a word and the object itself.

[Comment] “Yeah, cause you can really tell the difference when you are talking to someone. Or I can whether they are actually crazy or whether they’re just forgetting, you know, from losing that, those walls, its like walls sort of like we, you know, when they make a big circle and they keep drawing things up and say species and then they say this and that and get smaller and smaller.”

Yeah, when they’ve stepped out of those little circles. Yeah!

[Comment] “I have a suspicion that children say are they like all the way in their bodies like all their knowledge from past lives.”

No, it has nothing to do with past lives. It is when a child has not been programmed, or pre-programmed. Pre-programmed children have a vision of the world which is unified. Everything hangs together. There is no separateness, and there is no separation between me and the object. In most religious philosophies, the reason why there is a struggle, and there’s pain, and all that, is that one is actually convinced that one is separate from the things causing pain. And one is separate from the world, and separate from other people, and so there is the struggle of making a relationship work, there is the struggle of getting a job, there is the struggle of doing this, doing that, because one postulates a separateness. In fact, children don’t experience that. Pre-programmed children don’t experience that.

[Question] “So children are like aware of the oneness of the whole Universe?”

Not aware. That’s the point.

[Comment] “I think adults can have that too, Michael. If they are not programmed. As an example I’m thinking of a book, by an anthropologist called Colin Turnbull, and the book is called The Forest People and it talks about Pygmies. They live in the forest and have a very limited field of vision, they can’t comprehend things in large vistas. Colin Turnbull took one of his Pygmy friends out to the plains and they were standing on top of the hill and the Pygmy looked down and saw all these large animals in the distance and could not comprehend they were not insects. He could not comprehend that he was actually seeing animals.”

I was [speaking] purely from a Western space. I think there are cultures in which it is still possible to have part of that vision. But the first vision I think is lost, the adults have, because if the vision wasn’t lost, I don’t think that religious rituals to ward off evil would come about. Again, when you get any kind of religious concept that there is something like this that is going to do you in, that concept of “I am different from that, and it’s going to do me in” has already arisen.

[Comment] “I’m not denying that children don’t go through that but what I’m saying is that there may be a particular set between ‘You are not being programmed to see things’ and having to be programmed to see things in a certain mold, and that vision, but I’m not sure [tape interrupted] one and the outcome of it.”

Yeah, I’m not saying that’s the root of it, I’m saying the religious trip is that everything is the result of you being separate from everybody else. What I’m saying though is that the more concepts there are of separateness, that one thing is separate from another thing, from another thing like distance creates a separation, that the more fragmented, the more developed the personality becomes but also the more fragmented it becomes.

The stuff that I talk about now is the result of [psychic] readings, where I looked at people who looked crazy, most of them burned-out acid freaks. They weren’t crazy. They were… It’s like people can get that ‘hit’ of that unified vision with acid. And if you really cling tight to the vision, I suppose that you get it through acid, though imperfectly. And I’ve run into a lot of acid freaks who were in that space. It gives rise to a lot of ritual, gives rise to a lot of archetypal stuff coming back up to the surface. The problem is our culture is a very Apollonian culture.

There was a pivot point in Western culture that happened in Greece. When the Greek city state system made a decision to go along the Apollonian system of education. Before the decision came it was divided between the Dionysian and the Apollonian. Dionysian is clinging to the vision. Dionysian basically says, if I explain it in Jungian terms, that a lot of our principles, our internal principles, were projected outwards into animals, into trees, that we had totems and that kind of thing. So there was very much a sense of participating in nature, that you were simply part of nature because all of your projections were outside of you. And you could do such and such in action in your head and you could get this result because you were manipulating your projections, and that would manipulate reality because your were quite hooked in.

The Apollonian on the other hand, which is from Apollo, were rationalists, and essentially postulated that we are separate from everything else because we are thinking and everything else is not thinking, and therefore it is our duty to educate children, educate young men in Greece, to learn how to think. And the emphasis there was learning how to discriminate fine points of logic, and logic immediately led away from that sense of unity because logic is a tearing down of. And our whole Western culture prior to that was a very integrated culture. There was not a split between head and body. Nor was there a split between religion and politics. There were not very many splits period because our projections were all over the place. After that pivot point came, the split between the head and body showed up, and then the split between religion and the state showed up, and then the split between males and females showed up... Although the male and female thing had been there quite a while before that. So that’s what I am saying is that basically we live in an Apollonian culture.

You could say that acid freaks represent a throwback or throw-forward to a Dionysian place. But generally I think they’re not, because they’re not programmed for that. And they can’t handle it, so that they’re crazy instead.

There’s also seeing dynamics, and that’s real simple, if a relationship is fucked up in a reading; check out the sex and see whether or not they are seeing actually what’s going down in the relationship, or whether they are blankly going along saying, “Everything will turn out all right in the end!” And not paying attention to when somebody has made a real important point, silently, or not so silently.

There’s also seeing and translating body language. Now this is important because a lot of people come to psychics because they want to be told they’re psychic. They’d like it confirmed for them. Some of them are psychic, some of them are not. I don’t want to get into [inaudible]. But think about the first time that you went for your reading. Things you want to acknowledge that you were psychic. If you’ve thought about it before… Most people who come for readings are thinking that. They can’t help but think it, it’s all right.

Where you can see… If you feel they are not psychic, but you don’t know why, they’re picking up stuff. Look in the sixth chakra. The sixth chakra is the one for becoming. First of all the sixth chakra is clairvoyance, it also acts as the topic of direct attention. So if you’re going to be telepathic, you still use your fifth, but you use your sixth to direct your attention, your telepathic attention on someone. So if the sixth is open and seems to be pretty active, the chances are they are psychic. But check it out and make sure – you check out how much body language they are seeing and what’s the ratio between being seen, and translating. The ratio normally in most people is very low, that is we usually pick up a lot of stuff, body language, but we hardly ever translate more than maybe eight percent of it. Some people however translate a lot more, and it’s natural to them – if that’s the case, and their sixth chakra is not very active, then you can pretty much guess that they’re not psychic this life, but they’re picking up body language.

And the way of proving it to them is ask them to read someone who that you have no emotional investment in, who is not in the room. The reason I say no emotional investment is, if it’s a lover that you’re asking them to read, your body is going to give off minute signals, and even if you have the person blindfolded, your body still gives off slight jerks that result in psychic [creeping?] that the unconscious viewer can translate. So it has to be somebody you’re not fairly into, but you know. And have them read. Generally they can’t read, at that point. They start getting a lot of wrong stuff. And it proves it to them.

You’re all psychic. You’re all psychic. It’s OK..

The Spiritual Level

The sixth chakra on the spiritual level is perception of reality, and here I’m talking about… This is maybe the most important part of a spiritual trip, is wading through all of one’s concepts of how big our spiritual body is; and this sixth chakra controls that capacity – well, I have to say controls, it’s consciousness controls, but it shows that. The degree to which the person is actually viewing the body, or the degree to which they are not viewing it. So that is the [?] ideas, and the cultural ideas, and the familial ideas.

Seventh Chakra

The Psychic Level

The seventh chakra is direct control trance-mediumship. Direct control trance-mediumship is the only form of mediumship that shows up in the chakras per se. It is a genetic ability on some people’s parts (it’s quite rare, incidentally). The capacity is to leave your body entirely and let someone else come in completely and talk through you. For people who seek a teacher, and Donna, that’s what it is. Direct control trance-mediumship. It is quite rare, incidentally. Donna is booked as far ahead as she is because she is the only direct control trance medium that I know of in Northern California, except for Rose, and Rose is not very well trained right now. And for two of them in all of Northern California, that’s pretty hot.

It is genetic. If you don’t have part of the circuitry, say if you miss a hand, or you miss a foot, or your crotch, you do not do it – it does not work. All the circuits have to be right. The way I figure it out is to throw a little bit of gold light at the crown chakra, if you think somehow, you think it’s trance-mediumship, or direct control trance-mediumship, throw a little gold light, and you see what happens is it lights up a whole network of little fine, it looks like gold wire or whatever. You look at it and check it out real carefully to make sure that it covers the entire area. If it doesn’t cover the entire area, they’re not trance-mediums.

[Question] “Did you say Rose Letsgo is a trance medium?”

Um-hmm. She actually is.

The other psychic capacity of the seventh chakra is knowingness. Knowingness is a catch-all, but there is a really precise definition for it. Knowingness is the capacity for, and the mechanism of cosmic consciousness or transcendental knowledge. It is not the cosmic consciousness or transcendental knowledge itself, it’s simply the mechanism. It’s like when I’m making powdered milk, and I pour in the powdered milk thorough a funnel, the powdered milk is the knowledge, the funnel is the knowingness. And that’s all it is. There is the use of that word a lot in Berkeley – it’s bullshit. People do not operate off of knowingness that frequently. When you operate off of knowingness the information comes through in a chunk, and it usually is far too great for you to communicate to somebody else completely what it is about. It usually takes you several weeks to digest it yourself. It’s not something that you can sit down and do a reading on. I really resent people using that word. Mostly they’re being telepathic or clairsentient, and they don’t want to cop to it.

The Psychological Level

The psychological level is the degree of autonomy attained. When you start out, you are not autonomous at all, right? You are totally dependent upon parents. You are enslaved by all of their notions about reality, because you have no idea what reality is. You, hopefully, as you grow older, begin to get freed up from those messages. Beginning with grade school, and from grade school on until you get out of college, or whenever you get out of school, you then are subject to teachers’ ideas of what reality is, as well as your classmates’ ideas of what reality is, and what you should do, and what behavior is correct. And what things are right and what things are wrong. Then you get out of school and you get subjected to a working situation and all of those programs as well.

Autonomy is independence from other people’s considerations of what is reality, what is moral, what’s what. I’ve only seen one person who is absolutely autonomous. Take that back, I’ve seen two. One of them was a zen master, the other was a shrink, who had spent… I think he spent close to a million dollars and twenty years in various kinds of psychotherapy. He was clear as a bell – absolutely autonomous. He was a drag. The zen master was nice – but he was a drag. Just my experience. I just couldn’t get into his aggression trips. I mean he was absolutely free of anybody else’s programming, and that left him a little, slightly amoral. I was sitting here reading him one day and he let off this little number of how one of his fantasies was to take off his clothes and wrap himself in furs and get a club and beat people over the head with it. And I was sitting there going, “This man is for real about it!” He’d actually do it. And the only thing that’s restraining him is the fear that he’s going to go to jail on it. Cause he had absolutely no moral compunction against doing it. He not only freed himself up from everybody else’s messages, he freed himself up from his own.

Usually the way you see this is real simple, you just use a scale of one to a hundred. One being nothing, no autonomy, one hundred being absolute autonomy. And then you just watch for this moderator. It is a good indicator to give people perspective about how well they’re doing about themselves, in the sense of people come and say… And being in a genuinely bad place where you don’t have very much positive to tell them. One of the things you can tell them, that might be positive, is to look at the autonomy and see whether or not they’ve gotten more free. Of course if they haven’t gotten more free, but rather gotten less free in the meantime between five years ago and now, I wouldn’t mention it. If they’ve gotten a little more free, at least you can hold that out for them. You can say, well, look you’ve done a little bit better, you’ve gotten freed up a little more like you father or your mother, or something like that. But its a real good sense to use on people who are working on themselves a lot, and you can mock that barometer up for each person who was important input for them. So that you can give them a sense of how much they’ve gotten free, and how much work they’ve got to do.

The Spiritual Level

Seventh chakra on the spiritual level contains the following, which I mention with trepidation only because I don’t like the idea of people mentioning it. It contains indications about the relationship of that person to god and/or the universe – what the relationship is, whether they’re in a state of resistance or in a state of acceptance or… It also contains an indication of the degree of enlightenment. Now, by enlightenment, I mean the classical, traditional enlightenment – eh? Where the big, thousand-petaled lotus springs out of the crown going “Woah!” Like a Klieg light. I mention it because I don’t think that it’s a legitimate function of readers to talk about spiritual stuff, unless you have your own spiritual path, and unless the person you are reading is either on a comparable level or comparable experience to yours, or less experience. And even then I still don’t like the idea of readers talking about religious stuff. I don’t think that’s a psychic function. I think it’s usually telling stuff for a religious purpose, you have to decide whether you like that or not, but I think it’s a real mistake to tell people, to talk to people about their relationship to god. That’s all I take away. I think they need to figure that out themselves, because that’s the most intimate relationship to have.

The other is I threaten anyone in the room right now with annihilation, slowly, with extinction of each one of their chakras if I ever hear of somebody telling someone else how enlightened they are or aren’t. I made those mistakes myself, and that’s why I’m going to whack the shit out of somebody who does it. It’s real important – if Trudy is on a spiritual path, a spiritual trip, and I say to her (in my state of being ninety-five percent accurate most of the time), I say to her, “It looks to me like you’re not going to make enlightenment this life...” The whole rest of the reading has been completely accurate, right? This may be that five percent that I fucked up on. At which point she could stop, and she may lose heart, and not proceed. On the other hand, I can say, “It’s just around the corner, keep going!” At which point there’s… The last thing to die, and this is true of all spiritual paths, the last this to die in somebody just before they get the enlightenment experience is spiritual pride, and spiritual pride will say oh, there is enlightenment just around the corner, I’m going to kick back for awhile. Again, you stop somebody from getting there. My own feeling is that there isn’t any heavier kind of karma around than to interfere with the relationship between a person and their spiritual path.

[Question] “Did you say karma or trauma?”

Karma. Karma. Whatever kinds of religious trips there are, religious trips are nothing more than a person’s striving toward sanity, and for a real look at “big R” reality, and that involves not just the surface personality, but the rest of the big apple. And you’re going to have one pissed big apple at you.

[Question] “Does that include like the reading they do at the Psychic Institute where it says your path is turned away from the god of your heart or your life is turned toward the god of your heart, and this means that you’re really at odds with god…”

See, on the one hand I think it is all right to acknowledge that a problem exists in the spiritual life. But I really question whether or not people should…

[Comment] “Have installed their value in things…”

And so whether it is good or bad, or, whether or not it’s a problem, or offering advice on it. That’s what I’m real wary of, is advice about things. If you’re a meditator, and have been a meditator for a long time, I think it’s perfectly legitimate for you to offer advice to another meditator. If they’re having problems in meditation. If you know how to deal with the problem. Or if you can get to the information about the problem. But I think it’s another thing entirely to tell somebody that their meditation is not going to lead anywhere. That’s something else, completely. You might suggest a different form.

[Question] “What do you do if you have the information? The thing is like if you’re looking at that chakra…”

And you see a thousand-petaled lotus!

[Question] “And you guys see all that stuff, how do you decide if you should look at it… Talk about it...”

You look at it and you go tell somebody else. You don’t tell the person. Or you go to a mirror, and recite it into the mirror. But you don’t tell the person. It’s important that you do verbalize it – out loud...

[Question] “But that might be part of why people come wanting a reading, too, if they want you to tell how high the beings are...”

That’s right. And I think that’s a very destructive thing. That’s one of the places that really punches my buttons about the Institute. They say, “If I almost got enlightened in the past, it’s going to be real easy.” And getting sane is never easy.


Etheric Body: Corresponds to a higher level of vibration, influenced far more by the group mind, so the kind of material that would come thru would be the same dynamics as the chakras have, survival, sex, love, power, communication, attention, knowing, and ownership. But it would be on terms of the group mind.

Mental Body: We do not experience this regularly, we do not have a language for it, and all we can use is metaphor or poetry. A spiritual place (which I don’t experience that much.)

Secondary body: Astral body.

Clairvoyance: The seeing of objects over an extraordinary distance, the seeing of objects which do not have a physical reality.

Traveling clairvoyance: Sitting here and looking to see what is happening on Grand in San Francisco.

Stationary clairvoyance: Seeing within your physical proximity. Seeing through a wall is stationary clairvoyance, because if the wall was not there you could see with your physical eyes what is there. Also intuition; who is on the phone before you answer, who is at the door, etc.

Group Mind: The merging of many in a group rather than the merging of two individuals, based on similarities and submerging differences.

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